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Orientation Flights

Program Motto:  “Safe, Fun, Educational”


CAP gives cadets the opportunity to experience the wonder of flight. Orientation flights are among the most exciting aspects of cadet life.


Orientation Flight Fact Sheet for Parents




What's involved with cadet orientation flights?

Who is the pilot?

What are the pilot's qualifications?

Do cadets actually fly the plane?

Do cadets fly in inclement weather?

What type of aircraft do cadets fly?

Where do the cadets fly?

Do orientation flights count as bona fide flight instruction?

What do cadets learn while aloft?

How much do flights cost?

May cadets fly more than once?

What if my cadet gets airsick?

What if my cadet is scared of flying?

What should my cadet bring to an orientation flight?

What can families do to help?



Cadet orientation flights are safe, fun, and educational. Oftentimes, moms and dads are more nervous about the flights than the cadets. We hope this FAQ has reassured you about our commitment to your child’s safety.

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